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film processing

Post by jameswhitt » January 13th, 2019, 8:16 am

Sadly ageing = downsized = lost darkroom = reduced activity. So have a need to process smaller quantities of film. Had heard there was a move to introduce a smaller than normal developing tank and wonder if there is any news of it. My thoughts are to process B+W film which, in 5x4, should give me scope to scan into a computer and pick up on my hobby that way. If anyone has news of such a tank or better ideas/ways for an old codger to continue in this great hobby I will be only too pleased to consider their advice. I appreciate that I could always use a lab but it is not quite the same interplay.
In the past I have played around with some old processes including thiocarbamide and hoped to be able to imitate similar results via computer

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Re: film processing

Post by IanG » January 13th, 2019, 12:11 pm

There's the Stearman Press SP-445. I know people who have them but they have slight issues, Then there's also the MOD 45 that fits the Paterson Multi tanks.

I use 2 Jobo 2000 tanks, these are pre-rotary and I have the larger ones that take 2 5x4 reels, I used to keep one abroad at our apartment in Turkey as we spent most of the year there, it didn't take up much space. The Jobo 2000 are inversion tanks.

Another to look out for are Yankee sheet film tanks, they don't seal well, you rock them slightly to agitate, but are still a good option. Lastly there's the Paterson Orbital, I've used a friends in Souther Turkey to process 4 sheets of 5x4 at a time, quite economic in terms of volumes required, I've acquired one for processing my 10x8 and 7x5 sheet film, Despite the Orbital's foot-print being longer and wider they are quite slim so take up little space in storage.


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