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Just joined the site thought these might be of some interest.

The MPP Badge has come off the front of the unit and it has been fitted sometime with a Durst lens but is otherwise complete

• Made of Steel
• Baseboard 24” x 24”
• Column 40”
• Interchangeable Condenser Slot System (Set for 35 mm)
• Negative Holder (35mm)
• Filter drawer for Interchangeable Filters
• Safe Light Filter Fitted inside the Lens Housing
• Lens Fitted Durst Neonon 1:2.8 f=50 mm
• Comes with Beauerle BS 787 Automatic Timer & Sensor

I am currently reconditioning this unit, so if you would like any info or pictures of it, now would be time to ask

Also it would be helpful if somebody could Identify the model? I have only ever seen 2 of these.


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Hi Nick

Have a look in the Members' Area under 'Enlargers'.  There is a link to GAZ-19 of July 1999 where you will find several pages that might be of interest to you.


Thanks, I will download and study this in depth.

Personal Messaging to another member is now available here