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Social Rules

Forum messages

It is the Forum Member’s responsibility to consider how their messages may be interpreted, especially where opinions are expressed. Alternative viewpoints are a mature way to develop greater understanding but such views must be expressed courteously to avoid causing offence to anybody.

Posts that contain disrespectful, discourteous or abusive behaviour towards any person or organisation, e.g. Forum Member, the Club, will be deleted and the Forum Member concerned will be sent a Private Message via the Forum explaining the reason why. Any Forum Member who repeatedly posts such messages is potentially eligible to be deleted from the Forum once the matter has been considered and agreed by the M.P.P. Users' Club Committee. The Committee’s decision is final.

Items bought, sold or swapped

The M.P.P. Users' Club cannot be held responsible for the quality of any items obtained via the Forum. It is the responsibility of Forum Members to establish the condition of any items prior to any transaction.

Personal Messaging to another member is now available here