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M.P.P. User's Club - Information

The club is the world authority on cameras and photographic equipment manufactured by the former British company Micro Precision Products Limited of Kingston-on-Thames and Wandsworth, London, England.

Founded in 1995, the objectives of the club are to foster the use of MPP cameras and other photographic products and membership is open to all who own, use or just collect MPP products.

It is small single interest club based in England, run by a group of enthusiasts both professional and amateur, who give their time freely for the benefit of fellow members.

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Club Magazine

The Gazette and Newsletter

"The Gazette" latterly known as "The GAZ" was the in-house magazine and was produced quarterly until 2009 when it was replaced by the current 'Newsletter'.  Read more HERE


M.P.P. Microcord

Historical Advert


A rare M.P.P. Iloca 35mm Camera



Members' Area

The "Members' Area" of the site contains a lot of information relating to:

M.P.P. Product Information

Cameras, Tripods, Carrying Cases, Roll Film Backs ..... all M.P.P. equipment

♦ Technical Information

Service and repair of cameras, making replacement parts, magnification tables and lots more.

♦ Archives

Original issues of the GAZ - the original Newsletter - full of information.

To gain access to the Members' Area you will need to join the club.

With membership comes a regular free Newsletter packed full of articles relating to M.P.P. equipment, its use or repair.