6.8/90 Angulon on MicroPress?

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6.8/90 Angulon on MicroPress?

Post by Roland » January 25th, 2019, 6:41 pm

I am not certain what is the right lens board for the 6.8/90 Angulon on the MicroPress.
On internet I have seen for sale a dedicated sunken lens board that was claimed suitable for the 6.8/90 Angulon.
But in combination with this lens board the shutter release would not reach the shutter anymore.
So I am not sure if this is a good option.

I experimented with the 6.8/90 Angulon in a regular lensboard and moving the lens panel to the extreme end of the inside rail.
In this way infinity focus is preserved, even with dropped base, without sacrificing the connection between the shutter and the shutter release.
So this may be a much better solution.

Suggestions/ comments/ observations are welcome.

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Re: 6.8/90 Angulon on MicroPress?

Post by IanG » February 1st, 2019, 4:41 pm

I use a 90mm f6,8 Angulon on a flat lens board in the same way with a Crown Graphic it's never been a problem. The MicroTechnicals use a coned lens board to allow the front standard to be further back on the inner rail.


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