Login Page

If you are having a problem with logging on or having logged on you find yourself back at the login page, it is because your computer has cached a copy of that page in its memory and hasn't updated the page with the changes that you have just made.

On a Linux or Windows computer operating system visit the login page, and press F5 button on your keyboard to clear your computer's cache and all should, hopefully, be well.

If you are a Mac user there is, apparently, no F5 equivalent single button to clear the cache.  

The keystrokes for reloading or refreshing a webpage for the Mac is Command + R, and that applies to the majority of Mac web browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Epic, Brave, and others. 

If that doesn't work, one suggested page that might help is HERE, otherwise please google "clear Mac cache" for more detailed help.

Accessing Members' Area

If you cannot gain access to the Members' Area here are simple remedies.

  • If you have paid the subscription for the current year, but haven't visited the site before please click on the 'Forgot Password' link on the login page and then enter your registered email address. If  that email address has been recorded you will receive a temporary password automatically by email.  When received use the 'new' password to log-in and edit your personal profile. Please change that temporary password to something more memorable.You can update your contact details too.
  • If your email address is not recognised please contact the membership secretary who will resolve the problem for you.
  • If you are either a non-member or a lapsed member wishing to re-join the club please go to the 'join-us' page where you will be invited to pay a subscription.  An email will then be sent to you to you automatically which will explain the procedure to be followed.