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Members' Area Index

The GAZ Archive and Index   contains all of the original Club 'Gazette' magazines (1995-2009) reproduced in full.  They contain photographs, reports on the use of cameras, their maintenance, letters and much much more. Very interesting reading. They are all available as PDF files for downloading too.  Only the main articles are listed in the index below.

This index is a combination of web-site pages (in green) and relevant archived GAZ Magazine Pages (in blue).

ALL MPP Camera Data

Berthillon MugShot Camera
Berthillon Camera Page

Government & MOD Cameras
Government & MOD Page

Iloca Camera Page
Another MPP/Iloca (GAZ)
MPP/Iloca Camera Numbers (GAZ)
Upgrading an MPP/Iloca 35mm (GAZ)

Cameras - Medium Format Page
The AP Microcord Review (GAZ)
Brown Edged model (GAZ)
Know your TLR (GAZ)
Minimal idea (GAZ)
The Microcord I (GAZ)

Cameras - Medium Format Page
A Sort of Pilgrims Progress (GAZ)
Dirty Mirror (GAZ)
Finding the Finder Lens (GAZ)
MicroFlex on Test (GAZ)
Microflex Tips/Repair (GAZ)
Misfiring Microflex (GAZ)
More Thoughts on MicroFlex (GAZ)
My Microflex (GAZ)
Repair/Restoration (GAZ)
The 'Flex' trap (GAZ)

ALL MicroTechnical Cameras Page

Mark 1
A Rare Mark 1 (GAZ)
MicroTechnical Mk I (GAZ)
The Mark 1 today (GAZ)

The MicroTechnical MkIII (GAZ)

MkIV / MkV
Mark 4 and the Wray Connection (GAZ)

Thoughts on the MkVI (GAZ)

A Tilting Panel for the MkVII (GAZ)
Backing the MkVII (GAZ)
Life with the MkVII (GAZ)
More about the Red MkVII (GAZ)
Mystery of the MkVII Special (GAZ)
The Nice MKVII (GAZ)
Mr Toms MkVII (Repair) (GAZ)

Back Blocks and Springs (GAZ)
Eight Backache (GAZ)
Flat v Coned Lens Panel (GAZ)
MkVIII - Special Issue (GAZ)
Parts Drawing - Mark VIII
Polaroid 545i Back on MkVIII (GAZ)
Spring Ram - MkVIII Case (GAZ)

Mk S92

S.92 Page
Another S92 KIt (GAZ)
Ground Camera type S92 (GAZ)
My British Special (GAZ)
MOD & Government Department Cameras (GAZ)
S92 Special at Work (GAZ)
The S92 in RAF Service (GAZ)
The Rising Front of the S92 (GAZ)

Micropress Page
Fiddling with a MicroPress Shutter (GAZ)
MicroPress adapter (GAZ)
One Man's Micropress (GAZ)
Using the MicroPress (GAZ)

Monorail Page
A Woodie Monorail (GAZ)
Monorail repair (GAZ)
RAF Monorail (GAZ)
The Long Rail (GAZ)
Thoughts on MonoRails (GAZ)
Why the PIM Monorail (GAZ)

Stereo Cameras
MPP Stereograms Page

ALL M.P.P. Equipment Data

(Also see MPP Product Review (GAZ)

Carrying Cases
Carrying Cases Page

M.P.P. Enlargers Page
Gather ye Rosebuds while ye may (GAZ)
MPP Medium Sized Enlarger (GAZ)
MPP Micromatic Enlarger (GAZ)
The MPP (Ilford) Portable Enlarger (GAZ)

Film and Slide Projectors Page

Special Products
Special Products Page

Stereo Viewer
Stereo Viewer Page

Tripods Page

M.P.P. Accessories

Camera Backs Page
Making Back Spring Plates Page
Sliding Backs Page
A 56x184 Rollfilm Back (GAZ)
A 35mm Back on an MPP (GAZ)
Back Blocks & Springs  (GAZ)
Back Options (GAZ)
Panoramic Back for a MK7 (GAZ)
Shen-Hao 6x17 Film Back (GAZ)
Varieties (GAZ)

Replacing Bellows
Fitting New Bellows (GAZ)
Light Leak (GAZ)
Using your Bellows Camera without Tears (GAZ)

Cam Plates:
About Cam Plates
Making Cam Plates

Dark Slides:
Double Dark Slides (GAZ)
Hinge Repair (GAZ)
Scratches (GAZ)

Holder for Medium Format
Holder for TLR (GAZ)

Finders Page

MicroFlash Page
Flashgun - using (GAZ)
MPP MicroFlash Problem Solved (GAZ)
Two call Flash Gun capacitor Module (GAZ)

Ground Glass Screen: 
Ground Glass Screens Page
Cleaning (GAZ)
Focusing (GAZ)
Ground Glass Screen for the TLR (GAZ)
MPP Focusing Screens (GAZ)

Lens Panels, Cones and Boards
Lens Panels and Cones Page
Lens Boards for Large Format
Cones and all that (GAZ)
Focusing Cone (GAZ)
Lens Panels (GAZ)
New Source of Old Cones (GAZ)
Sunk Panel (GAZ)

Lenses for Large Format
35mm Lens on LF (GAZ)
Budget Wide Angles (GAZ)
Carrying case for Lenses - accessory (GAZ)
Choosing a New Lens (GAZ)
Choosing a Rapid Rectilinear (GAZ)
Cooke Series (GAZ)
Dallmeyer's Triple (GAZ)
Ektar f6.3 (GAZ)
Ideas on Lens Choice (GAZ)
Key Lenses in Photo History - The Petzval (GAZ)
Lens Cap Improvisation (GAZ)
Lens Elements - cleaning (GAZ)
Lens-hoods/Sunshades (GAZ)
Long Focus Lens (GAZ)
MPP Micronar (GAZ)
MPP Micronar - The Source (GAZ)
New Cooke Portrait Lens (GAZ)
Pantoskop design (GAZ)
Rodenstock Lenses for the MicroTechnical (GAZ)
Second Marriages (GAZ)
Standard Lenses for the MPP (GAZ)
Schneider Lens Specification & Image Circles (GAZ)
Uncoated Tessar (GAZ)
Trying a Retro-focus Lens (GAZ)
Voigtlander Apo-Lanthar (GAZ)
Wide Angle Lenses (GAZ)
Wray Wide Angle - notes (GAZ)
Zeiss Apo Tessar (GAZ)

Plate and Cut Film Holders
Plate and Cut Film Page

Cannabilisation (Repair) (GAZ)
Coupling Cams (GAZ)

Rangefinder adjustment
Adjustment of Rangefinders Page
Rangefinder Adjustment (GAZ)
So Who Needs a Rangefinder? 1 (GAZ)
So Who Needs a Rangefinder? 2 (GAZ)

Roll Film Holders:
Roll Film Holders Page
User Instructions
Another MPP Rollholder (GAZ)
Maintenance (GAZ)
Roller Trouble (GAZ)
The MPP Rollfilm Holder (GAZ)
Using Roll Film Holders on Mk6 & similar (GAZ)

Focal Plane Shutter
Focal Plane Shutter (Wray)
Focal Plane Accessory (GAZ)
Release Repair (GAZ)
Shutter Key - making (GAZ)
Thoughts Part 1 (GAZ)
Thoughts Part 2 (GAZ)


Information and Advice

General Advice

Colour Vision Test
Grey Scales and Colour Patches Page
Magnification Table: Large Format
Measurements and Miscellaneous Data
M.P.P. Cameras - dating
An Important Anniversary (Waterhouse) (GAZ)
An MPP in the Garden (GAZ)
Battle of the (film) Bulge (GAZ)
Change of Focus (GAZ)
Crossing the Great Divide (TLR v LF) (GAZ)
Getting Close-ups taped (GAZ)
International Backs (GAZ)
Is your 5x4 really necessary? (GAZ)
The MPP Mk11 (GAZ)
Pinhole Photography - a Lens for just pence (GAZ)
MPP and Lloyd Cameras (GAZ)
MPP Price List c1958 (GAZ)
MPP Product Review (GAZ)
Optics on a Shoestring (GAZ)
Panoramic Cut Film Holders (GAZ)
Producing 2 Panoramas on one 5x4 sheet (GAZ)
Prejudices about close-up (GAZ)
Reciprocity Law Failure (GAZ)
Rising to the Opposition (Rising Fronts) (GAZ)
Scheimpflug Principles(GAZ)
Some Really Rare MPP Cameras (GAZ)
Spring Cleaning (GAZ)
Tales of a Scottish MicroPress (GAZ)
The Register in Question (GAZ)
Using Old Cameras (GAZ)
Vynide Leathercloth (GAZ)
Warders Story (GAZ)

Grey Scales and Colour Patches Page
An MPP going Digital (GAZ)
Digital Imaging - testing and calibration (GAZ)
Preparing for a Digital Future (GAZ)

Close-up - calculating exposures (GAZ)
Exposure and Large Format (GAZ)

Ortho Film Today (GAZ)
Polaroid and MPP: Why? (GAZ)
ReadyLoad / Quickload Film
Article 1 (GAZ) Article 2 (GAZ)
Sheet Film:
Loading - A Helping Hand (GAZ)

Film Processing:
Jobo & 5x4 Processing (GAZ)
Making a Developing Tank for 5x4 (GAZ)
Tanks we Have Met (GAZ)
Using Paterson Orbital (GAZ)

Making Parts:
Making Back Knobs
Making Back Spring Plates Page
Making Rear Extension Rods (MicroTechnical)
Making a Lens Hood Bellows (GAZ)
Making a Light-box for an Enlarger (GAZ)
Making Rangefinder Coupling Cams (GAZ)
Making Reflex Viewer (GAZ)

MPP Masking Frame for 12x16in  (GAZ)
Sun Print Paper (GAZ)



Results of Surveys

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